Monday, October 28, 2013

Why didn't I think of this before?

I have a confession... I don't make our bed everyday, so usually the throw pillows that go on top our bed are always in a little pile next to the wall next to my night stand.

I have been dreaming of getting a vintage wooden crate with casters to put them in to keep them nice and organized. Like this one:

 But, it is not really a priority right now, so the little pile of pillows just sits there. Until, I thought about the trunks I have in the guest bedroom.

I have a pair of vintage brass cedar trunks that are hand me downs from my maternal grandmother. She used  them as side tables for her guest bedroom at her old house and when she moved a few years ago, she gave them to me. I currently have them one on either side of the dresser in our guest bedroom. The trunks currently store memories from my childhood (aka. some of my favorite stuffed animals from my enormous childhood collection.) 

I could fit all the old toys into one of the trunks and leave that in the guest bedroom. And move the other one into our bedroom to store the throw pillows. This would also free up some space in the guest bedroom (it was getting a little cluttered on the right side next to the easel). There is a little spot in our bedroom next to our dresser that one of the trunks would perfectly fit.

Now one of the little trunks sits next to the dresser...

...and it neatly holds the throw pillows.


Why didn't I think of this before? Using furnature I already have... genious!

Inside both trunks were the original tags. So I know these decorator trunks were made by the Deco Trunk Company. There isn't a year on the tags, and I asked my grandmother, but she doesn't remember when or where she purchased them. I am guesstimating that she bought them between the 60s and 80s. These were supposed to be knock offs of the 1930s Hollywood Regency style.

I got curious about those lovely trunks so I did a little more research. I found a couple listings for exactly the same trunks and they have sold for $200-$300 (a piece). Also the listings I found were for a single trunk, and I am sure a pair would fetch a little more! And Mr. Engineer wanted to get rid of them when we were moving from our old apartment into our house. I am so glad I kept them, and I think I will hold on to them for a while!

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