Monday, October 21, 2013

Art Insipired by Architecture

Architecture can be found everywhere... and I don't mean by literally looking outside. Cityscapes, buildings, and architectural details often inspire art. Here are some of my favorite art pieces that features architecture:

Artist Stephen Wiltshire's talent is that he is able to memorize a city scape during a helicopter ride and recreate it using only his memory. This piece is entitled The Globe of New York.

Anne Valverde is an artist who photographs urban spaces in black and white and then highlights certain buildings, monuments, or other details with bright colorization. This is one piece of her Paris series.

Graphic Designer Jay Fletcher selected 25 landmarks in Charleston, South Carolina and he illustrated these notable monuments on this poster.

Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator who draws some fantastical architectural designs in sketchbooks. This is one piece of his Architecture series.

Artist Chuck Sperry created this Black Keys Poster which features interior architectural details of the ornate molding and coffered ceilings. 

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