Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Lego Key Organizer

I am not only an aspiring architect, I am also an amateur designer, artist, and crafter. 

My brother recently moved to Houston for his big boy job. I was brain storming what to get him for a housewarming gift when I went visit last week. I would describe his style as minimalist-indie-nerd (if there is such a thing) so I knew I would have to come up with something unique. This is where I turned to the inspiration of our childhood: we would endlessly be sucked into lego land for hours. After remembering my brother and I's childhood bonding over legos, I also remembered pinning this idea here...

... so I decided to make him a Lego Key Organizer!

I am going to go through step by step instructions if anyone wants to try it for themselves. 

Supplies for this project:

- drill and bits
- paint (I just used some paint I already had -for the background I used Black - 11002 Acrylic Anita's Craft paint, but you choose whatever colors suit your project)
- paint brush
- wood plaque (This is the only supply I bought, I picked mine up at Michael's for $1.99)
- key rings (I used four)
- screws
- various lego pieces (you choose whatever colors suit your project)

Because of my Mother's hoarding (it is organized hoarding... and I definitely inherited this... as Mr. Engineer loves to remind me) I knew she still has all the legos from our youth. Digging though the giant 5 gallon ziploc bag of the multicolored pieces was really nostalgic for me (I think I will have to do another lego project in the future). I finally found all the pieces I wanted to work with!

I got a wood plaque that fits the largest lego piece, but there are may options of shapes and sizes that might work better for your project.

First I painted one coat of the black paint.

Then, I drilled four holes in the large green piece for the screws to go through. I also drilled a hole at the bottom of each of the smaller lego pieces for the key ring to go through.

Next, I fastened the large green piece to the wood piece with the four screws.

Finally, I arranged the pieces on the large green piece and snapped them on.

The keys just slide onto the key rings and when you get home simply snap the lego onto the holder. The best part about it is new pieces can be added and that makes it totally customizable.

Here is is hanging in his new apartment!

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  1. This is so cute! I have all of my sons Legos from when he was a kid and now his boys are playing with them -- hours at a time! I am sooooo making this for Christmas. Thanks for posting such a great idea.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed... I would love to see the finished product when you make your own!