Friday, October 4, 2013

Framed Concert Posters

I love both art and music; and concert posters combine the two.We have two posters that were collected from concerts that are special to us.

Mr. Engineer's favorite band is The Black Keys and my favorite is Dave Matthews Band. We were fortunate enough to go see them both in 2012 and in 2013. (I am crossing my fingers that it will be a tradition for us to see them each year.)

We bought this The Black Keys Poster at the concert we went to at the Woodlands Pavilion in Houston, TX in April 2012. The 22" x 30" poster is designed by artist Jermaine Rogers225 of a toal of 275 were sold at the show (we snagged edition #70 of the signed prints). We purchased it for $40 and it is currenly worth aproximately $125 (accorning to e-Bay). The poster has five colors (an electric blue, a bright orange, a dark yellow, a subtile pink, and a deep red - and also features featuring three separate faded blendsscreen printed on a crisp white cardstock.  

This is an example of  Rogers' process of crafting the poster. His lettering technique reminds me of the sevendies. The artwork is a little trippy, but the artist gives insight "regarding the imagery.... i sense a running theme in the Keys latest record, El Camino...and she's a woman. she's running through the days, fragile and broken...and you'd give your life to better hers, but she won't have it.
taking all that she can take...cutting her own throat with the decisions she makes. what is she thinking? maybe she's listening to an unseen voice, whispering in her ear..."

I ordered this Dave Matthews Band Poster online Dave Matthews Band's website. I went to the concert at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, LA in April 2013. The 18" x 24" poster  is designed by artist Robert Lee of 
Methane Studios. All were 425 sold out online (I ended up with edition #301 of the signed prints). We purchased it for $40 and it is currenly worth aproximately $125 (accorning to e-Bay). The poster has three beautiful colors (a bright orange, a light turquise, and a dark teal) screen printed on a heavy cream cardstock.

This is an example of Methane Studios' process of creating this poster. You can tell the artist was inspired by the historic wrought iron gates and balconies of New Orleans. These elaborate designs were drawn in a sketch style by the artist. I just love the intracate details in this one and that is why when I saw it I had to have it!

Finally, I got them all framed up. I have been waiting around for a good deal to get them done professionally, and because they are so big and  I knew it would be expensive. There was a 60% off sale at Michael's and I took advantage of it. I choose 2" black matte with a .5" ebony metal frame. The Black Keys poster background was pure white and the Dave Matthews Band one is cream color, so I didn't want to pick something that the difference would be more noticeable. I love how they compliment each other with similar colors and styles. They go so well together, I can't wait to get these hanging on the wall!

My plan is for these two posters to be the central focus of a wall collage in our guest bedroom (which currently has no art hanging on the walls). I also plan to frame some concert tickets and some other artworks to also be in the collage.

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