Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Custom Logo Plaque

I am not only an aspiring architect, I am also an amateur designer, artist, and crafter. 

A couple weeks ago it was one of my closest friend, Allison's 25th birthday! Because I am on a budget, I wanted to make her something instead of buying something. Also making something ensures that it is unique and filled with love. I decided to create a plaque featuring the logo for her new business Party by Allison (she is a talented designer, entrepreneur, and event planning extraordinaire)

This is her logo (that she designed herself, she is so talented!)

This is the custom logo plaque I created for her (I think I got the final product pretty close to the original design!)

I am going to go through step by step instructions if anyone wants to try it for themselves. Of course if you would  want to do this plaque project, you would be personalizing this DIY by using your own logo or slogan or quote for this project, so make sure you have a reference to the inspiration of your plaque!

Supplies for this project:

- paint (I just used some paint I already had -for the background I used Ultra White - 70143 Valspar interior semi-gloss paint, for the texture, I used Warm Caramel - WGN17 Glidden interior eggshell / satin paint, and  for the lettering and outline I used Red Ochre - SA510 Master's Touch Acrylic paint, but you choose whatever colors suit your project)
- fine tip sharpie (I used this to outline some of the words that would need a more steady hand)
- pencil (to outline the image or words)
- paint brushes of various sizes
- reference image of whatever you want on the plaque (I just looked at it from my iPhone, but it can be printed so the image or words can be traced)
- wood plaque (this is the only supply I bought, I picked mine up at Michael's for $13.99, and with my 40% off one regular priced item coupon, it was only $8.40)

I picked out a round wood plaque (because her logo is round) but ther are may options of shapes and sizes that might work better for your DIY project.

First I painted two coats of the Ultra White paint and I sketched the logo onto the painted plaque with a pencil. If you aren't comfortable with free hand, then you can trace the image you want to paint.

Then I added some splotches of Warm Caramel color to refelct her logo, but also to add visual interest.

Next I painted the two outer rings Red Ochre and then the word "PARTY" also in Red Ochre. Then, I also added some more Warm Caramel to cover up some of my mistakes.

Finally, I drew the words "by Allison" in sharpie, because this was too delicate to use paint for. Finito!

I have made logo plaques like this in the past. For example: this one for the lovely Nicole Bell Photography (I don't have the process which I made it, and it has a few extra steps because it has an actual arrow attached to this plaque)

This is her logo (that Nicole designed herself, because she is a graphic designer, so duh!)

This is the final plaque (I don't have a step by step for this one... it includes some extra steps because of the 3D element of the arrow)

This is a photo of Ms. Nicole Bell modeling her custom plaque.
Visit her blog at
This photograph by Sarah Beth Photography

Eventually, I need to make a custom logo plaque with my new Southern Architectress blog logo!

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