Monday, October 14, 2013

Architecture Bucket List

Every aspiring architect has a list of buildings and sites they admire and plan to visit. I have been lucky enough to have done a great deal of traveling. I have seen many amazing buildings in the places I have visited, but there is still a long list of architecture I desire to see. Below are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Yes I know cliche', but what architecture nerd wouldn't want to make the trek to Pennsylvania to see the most famous work of the American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He ws the first architect I learned about, and left a major mark in architectre history with the development the only true American style. There are many other buildings I would love to also see (Ex. The NYC Guggenheim and Taliesn ) But this is the most iconic of them all. This residence is literally on top of a water fall.

I would love to experience the deeply spiritual space this chapel in Arkansas designed by E. Fay Jones. He designed it with all light frame timber because of the limited site access. Although it looks like a natural, exterior structure, there are glass panels between the light wood frame; and it is actually a conditioned space.

Brion-Vega Cemetery
When I traveled to Italy during my summer abroad, I visited other buildings designed by Carlos Scarpa and they are masterpieces of design craftsmanship. This cemetery in TrevisoItaly that Scarpa designed is worth the trip back to Europe. I studied it in detail for a project in graduate school and the details he designed are so amazing. Also Scarpa is buried here; he literally designed his own grave and tombstone, which he is buried standing up.

I would love to take a pilgrimage to this chapel located in Ronchamp, France which was designed by Le Corbusier late in his career. Corbusier's sculptural design highlights light as it's main feature. I studied the South wall of this project in grad school. This facade encorporates windows varing in shape an size which lets in light of different color at various angles.

Milam Residence
I want to see his home in Jacksonville, Florida which was designed by Paul Rudolph in person. The brutalist style Rudolph designs in is perfect for the weather conditions of the beach. The structures that extend past the facade are actually brise soleil, which provide sun shading for the large expanses of glazing. 

This modern building in Mississippi is a little closer to home. It was designed by Louisiana native A. Hays Town. Although, he is more well known for the traditional, Antebellum style homes he designed, this school shows a different style. Town shows off a modernist style with this monolithic concrete design with this building he designed early in his career.

I would love to make a trip especially to see these buildings, and one day I plan to all these off my list and also so many other buildings I would love to see!

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