Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Fall Decor

It is finally cool enough to actually feel like fall, so I wanted to get into the spirit by decorating. I inherited the urge to decorate from my maternal grandmother and she has a huge collection of decor for every holiday. I am still adding my collection of holiday decor, and don't have many things for the fall season. But pumpkins are a temporary way to get in the fall mood, and they are sold everywhere around this time of year. Instead of carving the pumpkins and having a big mess, I like to think of other ways to decorate pumpkins.

Last year, I opted for an easier way by using sharpies in order to create a contrasting silhouette on my pumpkins. I made four different pumpkins:

Our Family Name
(I put this one by our mail box)

The best NFL Team Logo
(Who Dat!)

Our Dogs' Silhouette
(This was the first holiday that we celebrated after adopting our new pups, so I had to incorporate them in some way!)

A Holiday Message
(I wanted to have a pumpkin that would be for both holidays during the fall, so I had an idea to make one pumpkin double sided. One side says "Trick or Treat" and the other side says "Happy Thanksgiving.")

This year, I thought I would do something more contemporary, but still very easy. So, I got out a can of silver spray paint and made these beauties:

I got three medium pumpkins and five small pumpkins (I bought all of them at Stein's at $2.99 each for the medium ones and $0.99 each for the small ones.)

I arranged the three medium pumpkins and four of the smaller pumpkins around my door and sitting them on some black cloth to set the mood.
(I used the remaining small pumpkin, which I spray painted, in the project below)

I wanted a wreath to match my silver and orange fall pumpkins.

Last year I had made my first yarn wrap wreath with a yarn wrapped monogram and felt flowers.

Instead of making a new wreath, I wanted to revamp the old one. 

First I started with the existing wreath

Then, I removed the yarn monogram and the felt flowers. They we only attached with hot glue, so it was easy enough for me to pull off (also if it was giving me trouble, I could have heated it with a blow drier for easier removal.

Next, I removed the purple yarn.

Then, I added more orange yarn to cover all the hot glue spots

Finally, I added one of the silver pumpkins that I spray painted and some polka dot ribbon.

Voila! I think it turned out pretty cute and it matches the rest of my fall festiveness!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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