Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 Recap

Halloween always makes me feel like a kid again. Everyone dresses up and eats way too much candy! Last Friday night we got our first dose of tricks and treats... there was a ding-dong ditcher who left a little gift at the door.

We had been Boo-ed! All I have to say is that our neighbors know us too well!

The treats also came with instructions to put up the phantom ghost on our door and to go to the Been Boo-ed website and print out another copy of the instructions and the next night go Boo someone else in the neighborhood.

This starts a chain reaction and soon most of the neighbors had phantom ghosts on their doors by Halloween. It is such a cute idea and quite fun when it is your turn to leave a treat on someones door! We opted for a more homemade treats...


We left a Boo Sign and some Halloween Hand Treats
It was an adrenalin rush to creep up to someones door and ring the door bell and haul it out of there!

Our neighborhood celebrated Trick-or-Treating a day early on Halloween Eve because of bad weather forecast for Halloween night. But it turned out to be a success! We had our setup in our neighbor's driveway to gave out candy from us and our two neighbors while they went Trick-or-Treating with their little ones.

This is my Halloween Trick-or-Treating display with my sliver spray painted pumpkins!

I made my dogs some simple costumes this year...


...Yes! Beanie Babies!

Aren't they so precious!


Last year I went with something a bit more time consuming...

What cute little Louisiana's Ragin' Cajun and New Orleans' Saints cheerleaders! I made the tulle tutus and the yarn pom poms.

I also decided what architecture costume I will dress up as for the party I am going to tonight! Here is a hint...

...Yes! I am going as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I made an applique on a dress I already had using electrical tape!

I will literally be leaning with one heel and on flat on.

And I had to add some accessories of an Italian flag headband, fishnet stocking and some gloves to make the outfit complete! Happy Halloween everybody, I hope y'alls was great!