Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Mr. Engineer is away...

... the Architectress will play.

A couple weekends ago Mr. Engineer went to the fishing camp and I did a little décor update to our guest bathroom. I thought some stripes on an accent wall and hanging some artwork would brighten up this small space.

It's a little hard to take photos of the whole wall at once… this is the before photo. I still love the Cincinnatian Hotel  Hannaford Valspar paint color we currently have on the bathroom walls, but I wanted to introduce a new color and pattern.

First I patched a few holes and imperfections in the wall with some spackle. When it dried I lightly sanded it. And then, I measured and taped off the stripes with some frog tape. 

This was the the first time I actually painted a wall:.. Even if it was just some small stripes on a tiny wall. I picked a white, that would match my moulding and base boards. I just brought a chip from my moulding and had them match the color at Lowes. I used a brush first to get into the corner. Then I applied the main coat with a roller. 

I only let the paint dry for about ten minutes then I peeled off the frog tape. I got super crisp lines.

I think it came out pretty good!

I added some artwork to complete the look.

I was recently given a little piece of art that was done by my father. This artwork is probably older than I am. It has been in my parent's master bathroom for as long as I remember. Currently my parents are redoing their bathroom and then adding on a new bathroom / closet suite so I inherited this quirky piece of folk art.

I was just going  to hang it inside the bathroom, but I didn't feel there was a good place to hang it...

...and then I found the perfect place to hang it is on our guest bathroom door. It also makes it easier for our guests to find the restroom.

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