Monday, November 4, 2013

Architect's Etsy Gift Guide

There is only 50 days until Christmas! So now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to get for the architect (or engineer) in your life. This is where I turn to Etsy. I am obsessed with Etsy because there are so many unique and custom items. So, I decided to complie the Gift Guide for your favorite architect (or engineer):

(My dad wore one like this to our wedding)

(I gave one of these to Mr. Engineer's for his college graduation gift)

(I would love this little beauty)

Custom House Coasters by wandersketch
(you could pick your favorite buildings)

(This would actually look great on anyone's desk)

Map Pillow by mybeardedpigeon
(This pillow would look amazing in our living room)

Skyline Cufflinks by drakedesignsjewelry
(you can pick your favorite city)

(This is so precious, it reminds me of studio)


  1. I need some help thinking of something interesting to get for Mike for both is graduation and Christmas.. What do you give the guy who has everything?!

    1. Get him something meaningful and personalized.

      For graduation I would reccomend the custom name plate (like the one I got one for Brendon for his graduation above -
      or maybe a leather planner with his monogram

      For Christmas maybe something for y'all wedding. The Christmas before we got married I gave Brendon some custom cufflinks to wear. So maybe cufflinks or a tie clip with something he likes, or the date, a special message or his initials

      Also for a card to go with the gift, ArchitetteStudios on Etsy has some great options in her Construction series. I have given both the beer and the cigar!

      Let me know if you need some more ideas, I can talk about gift giving ideas for days...