Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Craft Closet Organization

When I posted my bookcase revamp, I said that I had another project in mind for the previous bookshelves that I had. And I made significant improvement on that project, so I wanted to share it!

...Remember what the bookshelves used to look like in my office.

And now they have a happy home organizing my crafts in my office closet. They didn't move far... from one side of the office into the closet, but are much more useful!

This is what the office closet looked like before... What a wreck!!! Mr. Engineer has been on my case to clean out this closet. All my craft supplies, gift wrapping supplies, artwork, and old architecture projects. 

First, I emptied out the whole closet! It is so much easier to start with a blank slate.

Next, I put in the two bookshelves.

I started putting the crafts on the shelves, so that all my supplies are easily on hand.

 I added more things to the shelves and organized some things into storage bins.

This is so much of an improvement! It's not a completed project yet, but I made such significant improvement, I had to share! I do plan to implement some more organization ideas in the next few weeks.

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  1. As soon as I saw the unorganized closet I just started laughing, it reminds of some situations at my house! my little man just asked what I was laughing at, after I told him he said "a cluttered home?" Great job on the organizing that is much, much better!!!

    1. That is a legit before picture... have no shame! Thanks, I am still working on more organization in that closet, but I am so happy with the progress so far!