Saturday, August 23, 2014

DIY Custom Cake Topper

The first weekend of August, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!

It was a nice little celebration that included a marriage blessing mass followed by a reception. I was happy to help out by making their cake topper.

First, I started with a sketch of the cake topper that would be personalized. 

Then, I gathered together all my supplies for this project:

- wood heart (it is actually a Christmas ornament that I bought from Hobby Lobby)
- paint (I just used some paint I already had -for the background I used Ultra White - 70143 Valspar interior semi-gloss paint, Navy Blue - 403 FolkArt matte acrylic paint and Metallic Silver Sterling - 4034 FolkArt enamel acrylic paint)
- pencil (to outline the image or words)
- small paint brush
- scissors
- white and blue lace (I picked these up at Handcocks Fabrics)
- pearl string
- two dowels
- hot glue gun / glue sticks

First, I cut the white and blue lace to size and then stitched them together.

Next, I painted the wood heart white and then outlined the lettering onto it.

 Then, I painted the lettering with the navy paint and put accents with the silver paint.

Next, I used hot glue gun to attach the wood heat onto the lace.

Finally, I used pearl string to suspend it from my two dowels.

Their custom cake topper looks even better on the cake...

 ...and they were pretty pleased with how it turned out.


Congrats to my parents on their 30 years together!


Photographs of the Cake Topper on the Cake by Ms. Nicole Bell of Nicole Bell Photography

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