Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby Shower Plaque

A couple years ago was wedding season and it seemed like Mr. Engineer and I were going to a wedding every weekend... Now it is officially baby season with all of our newly married friends becoming new parents. Last week, I went to a baby shower for a family friend. She is having a sweet baby boy.

This is the plaque I created! I like to make something to give as a gift because it is more personal than buying something.

I am going to go through step by step instructions if anyone wants to do this plaque project!

Supplies for this project:

- paint (I just used some paint I already had -for the background I used Ultra White - 70143 Valspar interior semi-gloss paint, for the lettering I used La Fonda Artisan Green - 5009-7 Valspar interior flat paint and Navy Blue - 403 FolkArt matte acrylic paint and for the outline I used Metallic Silver Sterling - 4034 FolkArt enamel acrylic paint
- pencil (to outline the image or words)
- paint brushes of various sizes
- wood plaque (this is the only supply I bought, I picked mine up at Michael's)

The plaque I used was already primed with white, so I only had to do one coat of white paint.

Then, I outlined my lettering.

Next, I painted the lettering in the green and blue.

Finally, I added the silver accents.

I even added some color on the edges.

I also wanted to share a different plaque I made for another family friend:

She had a little girl.

All I did was change the colors and font... it would match the color of the nursery d├ęcor.

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