Monday, June 30, 2014

Lace Frame Accessory Holder

I love to use accessories for my hair because I hate it in my face, so you will usually find me with a headband or clip in my hair. I was using a shelf divider and a couple of shoe boxes to currently house these items. The organization of these accessories has become unruly in my closet. 

It is so messy and makes finding anything a chore. I needed a new solution, so I came up with a plan...

 ...a Lace Frame Accessory Holder. I was inspired by this. This allows me to easily see everything and to have a pretty display that I can choose from.

 I started with this open frame that was on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Supplies for this project:


- open frame
- staple gun and staples
- various lace (I used a yard of emerald lace I already had and bought some stretchy ivory lace ribbon)
- scissors
- needle and thread

 First I cut three pieces of the ivory lace ribbon.


Then I stapled the first piece to the back of the frame.


 Then I stapled the other two pieces.

 Here you can see the detail of the double row staples, so I could make sure it wouldn't break when that piece was streached.

 Next, I cut down a piece of the emerald lace.

Then, I attached a lace panel to the back with more nail gun action.

After I stapled all four sides, I trimmed off the excess.

Here you can see the detail of the staples on the back.

I wanted to make the three lace ribbon on the front more secure, so I hand sewed areas so that the lace ribbon could stay in place and not sag due to the weight of the items I place on it.

I stitched the first ivory lace ribbon to the emerald lace panel.

Then I stitched the other two ribbon.

Now the fun part was going through my collection and picking a spot for each accessory.  It really also allowed me to clean out stuff that I don't need anymore.

I added hangers to the back and mounted it on the wall in my closet.


It fits perfectly.

Voila! All my pretty hair things displayed!

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