Sunday, June 15, 2014

Architectural Charcoal Rendering - Mount Carmel Academy

I was commissioned by my almer mater for some artwork of Mt. Carmel Academy for an auction. I was super excited at the chance to give back to my high school.

 Here are a couple photos of the building:

Photograph by scrambler390

 This is Mount Carmel Academy located on the corner of Duperior Avenue and Front Street in New Iberia, Louisiana. It is a beautiful building sited on the Bayou Tech. I was familiar with the history, but I learned some new thing about it's past when I did some research. It was constructed in 1850 as a residence for Doctor Henry Duperier. In 1872 it was sold to the Sisters of Mount Carmel and became a Catholic boarding school. The school was closed in 1988 when it joined with St. Peter's College to become Catholic High School of New Iberia, where I went to elementary and high school. Today it is the Place Eugenie office building owned by the Schellestede family.

After getting a feel for the building's history I got started on the rendering:

I choose 17" x 14" 80lb drawing paper.

 I started by taping off the area I want to work within. I used the dimension of 11" x 14" which is a typical size that can be easily matted and framed.

 Next I used vine charcoal and a ruler to do a basic perspective. I choose the view looking directly at the front facade.

 Then, I added more detail with the vine charcoal.

 Next, I picked up some black conte' and started retracing lines and adding more detail.

 Then, I wanted to add some color to give more life to the building. So, I picked up some brown conte' and started adding texture to the roof, shutters, and lentils.

 Next, I used white conte and more black conte to give some more contrast and add texture.

 Finally, I added in the final touches of the vegetation, oaks, sky and grass.

 My favorite part is peeling back the tape to reveal the crisp border line.  I love the way it turned out!

Here you can see more detail and the title of the artwork above my signature.

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