Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Rescue Dog Plaque

The collars and leash organizer is was getting out of control on our leash holder!

We had got them the organizer last year from Etsy seller Woodin' You. So, I decided to order another one so each girl could have their own!

I also wanted to make their area more inviting so I decided to make my girls a little plaque to hang near their leash holders.

First I started off with a wooden plaque from Michaels.

I painted it white.

I used inspiration image.

I outlined their silhouette and added the quote "The Best Things in Life are Rescued."

I then painted their silhouettes and the quote.

It goes perfect in the middle of the leash holders mounted on the wall and now everything is more organized!

I think it came out super cute and looks like our sweet girls.

I have also made another dog plaque in the past for my friends, The Guidrys.

They have two sweet Great Danes named Leela and Capone and I think I did a pretty good job of capturing their likenesses. I will have to get a photo when they hang it in their new home!

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