Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

It has been super busy around here transitioning into my new job and so many celebrations going on for Christmas and New Years... but I wanted to share some my Christmas decorations!

I wanted to start by going back to our Christmas tree in 2011. It was the first year we were married, so we got a small tree and it was the perfect size to fit all our small collection of ornaments and great for the small apartment we lived in. That year our family and friends gifted us with many ornaments to fill our tree.

The next year in 2012, we were in our home, so we wanted a big tree. This is when our ornament and decor collection started growing exponentially when my grandmother, godmother, and Mr. Engineer's aunt purged their collection and passed it along to us. 

This year we decided to put the tree in front of our large window in our dining room. We have quite a collection of ornaments already and also this year, and my mother's godmother gave me a lot of her decorations. Mr. Engineer also inherited some his MiMi's Christmas decorations.

  I just love how the tree glows through the window at night!

Our mantle has all our stockings hung and a few vintage figurines and garland.

Our entryway is festive with the paper snowflakes that I talked about here.

Here is a closer look at our entryway table. I especially love the mistletoe crystal!

You can also see our Christmas spirit outside our door with the yarn wreath I made last year!

 I Love how our tree is trimmed with all our special ornaments passed down from our family members and friends. We spent the holiday celebrating with our family and I hope everyone's Christmas was filled with lots of joy like ours was!

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