Friday, May 30, 2014

Going to the Camp

It is great to be able to escape to a simple place, spend time with family and friends. In the South, that means going to the camp. Mr. Engineer and I are the owners of a little fishing "camp."

Mr. Engineer always talks about his grandparent's old camp and the memories he made going then when he was growing up. We did recieve the heirloom of the old camp sign when they passed away a couple years ago. I framed old sign and it is currently our bedroom. Their camp was called "Too Much, Forever" which is a saying that they shared with their grandchildren.

When we first threw around the idea of getting our own camp, Mr. Engineer suggested that we would name it "Forever and Ever" as a play on his grandparents saying. I surprised him and got a sign made for the new camp and his reaction was priceless! The sign cousin, which is owned by one of my cousins, did a great job with the new sign with a similar size and referencing the old one with the same colors and fonts.

The last time we went visit the camp to fish and I was able to put up the sign.

I got a pre-made mail box post at Steins and fastened the sign to the post with and some eye hook screws and some metal chain. Now we are official! We are headed back to the camp this weekend to celebrate Mr. Engineer and I's birthdays (my birthday was last week, and his is next week)!

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