Monday, February 10, 2014

Food Creations Inspired by Architecture

I am from the South, therefore I have a passion for food! So when I found something that combined my love of food with my profession of architecture, I got a little excited and had to share!

Mrs. Samantha Lee is a very talented food artist. She posts all her art that she makes completely out of edible treats on instagram. She even breaks down how she crafts each masterpiece on her blog Eatzy Bitzy.

I am especially drawn to her creations that are architecture related. Some of my favorites remind me of places I have visited:

France is the first European country that I visited during a high school foreign language study. So the Eiffel Tower in Paris holds a special place in my heart. A fun fact is that this tower was designed by an engineer.

I have great memories of the summer I lived in Italy studying abroad for graduate school. I actually got a chance to climb the Tower of Pisa!

Surprisingly, the first time I was able to visit New York City was last year. My favorite tower in NYC is definitely the art deco design of the Chrysler Building.

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